We're looking for our next 'Rockstar'

Want a career in digital marketing with a leading marketing agency right here in Kota Kinabalu? Get exposure to clients worldwide without needing to migrate to a big city or another country. 

Join our rapidly expanding team

Digital marketing is a growing industry growing at 20% a year - and forecasted to continue at this rate until 2030. By joining this industry, your career prospects are great. 

Our agency Radical Marketing is well positioned to take advantage of this trend - we invite you to read the job requirements below carefully - and apply if you are interested. 

Your compensation will commensurate with your skills and work output (demonstrate you are worth your salt and we’ll pay you well. Our team members can vouch for this). 


Our recruitment process

We will first review your applications and decide if you are qualified to move on to the next stage. The review process will usually take up to 2 weeks.

If you are qualified, our Hiring Manager will then set a time with you to get on a short interview call just so we can clarify a few things that are stated on your resume.

Only a few will move on to this next stage. This will be a more in depth interview where we will try to get a better sense of your skills, experience, and fit with our company culture

If you made it this far, you're one of the top candidates! Here is where we will make an offer and negotiate the terms of employment. Upon a mutual agreement, consider yourself hired!

We believe in being fully transparent. We will notify every single applicant, regardless if you succeed or fail to proceed to the next level in the hiring process.


Current Job Openings

Creative Master (aka Graphic Designer)

Area of Expertise: Visual Communication, Digital Design, Advertising Design, Content Creation, Brand Consistency, Creative Problem-Solving, Attention to Detail.

Do you love creating cool designs and have an eye for visual aesthethics? 

We need someone who can make awesome graphics that catch people's attention. Your role is to design images (and occasionally videos) for websites, landing pages and digital ads that make our clients look great.

If you're good at making things look cool and telling stories with pictures, we want you on our team.

Ad Alchemist (aka Media Buyer)

Area of Expertise: Data & Tracking Analytics, ROI Maximization, Online Advertising platforms, Campaign Optimization, Budget Allocation

Are you a Numbers' nerd? Then this is your calling.

We're seeking an analytical person who can navigate the complex world of online advertising platforms, negotiate media buys, and strategically allocate budgets to maximize ROI.

Your role is to analyze campaign performance data to optimize targeting, ad creatives, and bidding strategies. By employing a data-driven approach and making informed decisions, you'll ensure that every dollar of our clients' budget is wisely invested, delivering exceptional ROI.

Funnel Wizard (aka Funnel Builder)

Area of Expertise: Tech, Software & Basic Graphic Design 

Do you enjoy working with tech and problem-solving? Have an eye for design and aesthetics?

We're looking for a creative and strategic marketing funnel builder who can turn leads into customers like it's nobody's business. You'll also be responsible for creating and optimizing marketing funnels that drive conversions and help grow our business.

We'll also be counting on you to troubleshoot technical issues cus' those things are annoying as hell.

Word Crafter (aka Content Writer)

Area of Expertise: Creative Writing, Marketing & Research

Are you a master storyteller, a creative genius, and a research enthusiast all rolled into one? 

We're looking for someone who can craft compelling content that engages, inspires, and converts our audience. You’ll be writing emails, social media posts and even content for our blog and for our clients. There’s plenty of writing to be done - it’s almost endless.

So if you love writing then you’ll be in writer’s heaven with this job. 



Here are some of the perks that you'll get to enjoy by being part of the team.

Access to world class training and coaching

We have a whole arsenal of courses for every single subject in relation to Digital Marketing. These courses are of international standards which means you'll be learning what some of the best people in the industry are learning. 

Salary Raises

At our company, we strongly believe in recognizing and rewarding our team members for their exceptional work. In recognition of this, we ensure that your next pay raise is not only timely but also based on your performance. You'll get your next pay raise faster than you can request for it.

40-Hour Official Workweeks

You're only expected to put in 40-hour workweek from Monday to Friday, as opposed to the standard 45-hour workweek. This allows you to allocate five hours each week towards your personal and professional development, giving you the opportunity to enhance and refine your skills.

Casual Dress Code

You wanna come into the office in jeans and t-shirt that says 'I'm cooler than you.' Go ahead. But please wear shoes at least.

WFH Fridays

On Fridays, you can choose to either come into the office or work from the comfort of your home. We trust you to get the job done!

Team Lunch Thursdays

On Thursdays, when our big boss is around, he'll buy the whole team lunch. At the same time, we get to bond and get to know eachother better as team members.

We're a Team. Not a 'family'

We pride ourselves on being a team that collaborates to achieve our goals. While we value and support one another, it's important to remember that we are not a family.

We recognize that everyone has their own lives outside of work and that each individual is responsible for their own personal and professional growth.

As a team, we work together to accomplish our shared objectives, and we hold each other accountable for our performance.

We asked our team members to give their honest opinions about working with us

These are candid responses. The context is retained, but the grammar has been edited

Why did I join the company?

I joined this company because it offers a refreshing level of flexibility, unlike my previous experiences elsewhere. We primarily operate on a foundation of trust here. However, it's crucial to note that trust doesn't equate to taking advantage. We trust that everyone will respect the few rules in place, which are essential to maintain the smooth functioning of the team and the business.

One big plus is the no dress code policy (which is honestly a major win for me). Additionally, it fosters an environment where I can freely share my ideas and actually get the opportunity to put them into action. It's not about blindly following orders; here, they encourage you to be yourself and bring your unique ideas to the table.

Why do I stay?

This company has a clear sense of direction, with a solid vision and mission. They don't just talk the talk; there are concrete plans in place to reach our goals. It's definitely not your typical 9 to 5 grind where you punch in, pretend to work, and eagerly await the clock-out bell. Here, there's always something new to learn and valuable lessons to gain.

I've witnessed our remarkable growth over the past few years, and I'm sticking around to see just how much further we can push and achieve even greater success in the future.

Moreover, let's get real – this company actually rewards you for a job well done. It's not one of those places where you have to wait an eternity to see a measly 25 cents added to your paycheck, which, frankly, is absurd.

What’s the most unique part of working here?

Our company culture stands out in Kota Kinabalu, and even among big companies, it's a rare find. We've taken inspiration from the Navy Seals, aiming to be the most high-performing individuals in the industry.

At our core, we live by Extreme Ownership – taking responsibility for our mistakes, checking our egos, and getting things done. Simultaneously, we actively support our team members to achieve collective success.

We're serious about leveling up, and that's evident in our substantial investment in top-notch learning resources. We provide the tools, but it's up to each person to make the most of them. Our materials are always up-to-date, keeping us on the cutting edge of our industry. When something new comes out, you can bet we're on it.

How would you describe your experience working here so far?

I won't sugarcoat it – my journey here hasn't been all smooth sailing. If it was, it would be pretty boring to be honest. Yes, there have been highs and lows, and it's not always a walk in the park. We've faced stress, anxiety, successes, and failures. Plenty of sweat and tears (thankfully, no blood). 

However, what's remarkable is that even in the face of failures, we've emerged stronger and more motivated than ever. Personally, I've never felt demotivated, not even during our busiest and most stressful times. The team's unwavering support and encouragement keep us all pushing forward, no matter what.

Making mistakes in our quest to improve is completely acceptable here. We handle failures well, no screaming matches, or wallowing in self-pity. We embrace them as valuable learning experiences, emerging even better from the process.

Need any more reason to join our team?

If you are ambitious and looking for a workplace where you can maximise your potential, be valued, get challenged and grow both your skills and on a personal level - then this is the right place for you. 

If you are an easily contented person who is fear-based and wants to ‘play it safe’ - then please do not apply. 

Radical Marketing will provide you with personal and professional growth. And we believe in rewarding outstanding people who are loyal and are willing to grow with the business. The success of the business is dependent on each individual - the more you grow, the more we make, the more we can reward you. 

You’ll get international exposure, coaching, training and courses that you won’t get anywhere else. 

Whether your goal is to start your own business one day by mastering the art of business and marketing, or you want to be handsomely rewarded by being one of the core team members in the business - you’re unlikely to get this in any other company. 

90% of the jobs out there require you to repeat the same mundane tasks each day, with little opportunity for personal or career growth. Additionally, you won’t get the satisfaction of seeing your effort contribute directly to the growth of a business - and get rewarded for it. 

Right now this is possible at Radical Marketing. 

This is the perfect place to be if you are passionate about business growth and marketing - because you actually get to implement your ideas in our clients’ businesses.

We work with clients globally. We have clients from Malaysia, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom and more.

Meet Team Radical

also known as the Radical 'Navy SEALS'


Chief Trailblazer

aka Founder/CEO


Efficiency Evangelist

aka Operations Manager


Conversion Commander

aka Funnel Manager


Visual Storyteller

aka Video Editor


Design Diva

aka Graphic Designer


Funnel Maestro

aka Funnel Designer


Copy Commander

aka Copy Chief


Ad Ace

aka Copywriter


Online Rep Defender

aka Social Media Manager

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Skill Requirements:

  • Enjoy working with tech - Can learn and adapt with new softwares and tools
  • Have an eye for design and aesthetics
  • Basic Photoshop or Illustrator skills (not necessary but good to have)
  • Attention to details and can work fast 
  • Fast learner who is willing to be trained 


Preferably if are someone who has experience working with:

(If you do not have any experience with any of these, we will teach you on the job. Provided you are able to learn fast, are teachable and willing to work for less at the start)

Landing page builders
Swipepages, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Gohighlevel
To create landing page from scratch or using templates
Connect landing pages with integration softwares

Email marketing software
Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft etc
Knows how tag and segment lists
Knows how to set up Email automations and schedule for emails to go out

Pixel Installation
Facebook Pixel, Event Tracking and Conversion API
Google conversion tracking
And event tracking for other platforms as well - Tiktok

Integration softwares
Zapier, Pabbly etc
Create integration flow
Understand how it works - the flow, connections etc

Extra points if you have experience working with: 

Domain providers and CDN
Namecheap, Godaddy, Cloudflare
Managing DNS - Installing CNAME, TXT, MX etc
URL Redirecting

Wordpress website
Installing and using plugins
Formatting and designing blog posts

Coding (all or either one of these)
HTML, CSS, Javascript, API

Job Expectations:

You will create the landing pages that are needed as part of the funnel - Webinar funnel, Lead Magnet funnel, Sales funnel etc
You will also design them to make them look attractive - with the help of our in-house graphic designers 
You will also be in charge of integrating the landing pages with various other softwares - e.g Email softwares like Active Campaign and Mailchimp
You will also be responsible for setting things up in the backend like - Email automation sequences (provided by Copywriters), lead magnet delivery, payment methods etc 
You will also be in charge of troubleshooting technical issues - in cases where pages are down, you will be responsible for finding out what the issue is and find ways solve it 

You will be working with a High Performing team, who are constantly looking for ways to upskill and be the best at what they do. So we want to welcome more team members alike.

Here’s what our ideal candidate looks like:

You are quick on your feet and good at solving problems
You are curious and fast to learn new stuff and apply it 
You’re able to work to deadlines and can be relied on to get sh** done.  
You take on challenges and pressure like a fish takes to water. 
You have an attitude of overdelivering on quality and quantity - when the requirement is to run 10 miles, you run 15.  
You take feedback as an opportunity to accelerate your growth

To apply, please email us the following:

Your resume preferably with a list of softwares and tools that you have worked with